Does your charity have an endowment fund? Invested assets?

Has your charity lost a portion of these assets in the current economic downturn?

Has your charity lost income you were receiving from these assets?

Would your charity like to gain a portion of these assets or this income back….guaranteed?

Let Iona Charitable Planning Group, LLC, help you

Create capital for current projects and operating costs

Maintain a level income

Keep assets whole

Methods are proven and guaranteed.  Increase your donor participation.

Traditional Gift Annuity Programs

Donor provides a charitable gift

Donor receives “guaranteed” lifetime payment based on ACGA or other rates

Charity is left with a residuum, anticipated to be 50% of the gift

Iona Charitable Planning Group Gift Annuity Program

Donor provides a charitable gift

Donor receives guaranteed lifetime payment

Charity receives 100% of the donated asset value

Charitable Gift Annuity Program Rehabilitation

Used when gift annuity program is unable to meet obligations

Can guarantee all future annuity payments and increase remainder balance to charity